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Why Family Dentistry is Important

Almost every dentist is adept at taking care of dental problems for adults. But to be a family dentist, you also have to know how to handle treatment and care for children and seniors, usually a more difficult task. Dr. Jim D. Lassiter, a dentist in Milton, FL, discusses family dentistry and why it’s a crucial service.family dentist in milton, florida

What is Family Dentistry?

Family dentistry treats patients of all ages, including seniors and children. Both of these patient categories involve specialized treatment that pertains to their ages and specific dental problems that occur more in those age brackets. We want to make sure every patient is taken care of and gets the same quality treatment, no matter their age.

At our office, we can provide high-quality dental care for every member of your family, all under one roof. We strive to make it easier for you to schedule appointments and are able to coordinate with you to get your whole family seen in one day. Life is hectic, especially during the pandemic, and it’s much easier to coordinate one trip to the dentist instead of multiple.

Age-Specific Care

For children, one of the most important things to keep an eye on is tooth decay. They need to be taught how to brush and take care of their teeth in a proper, efficient way. While primary teeth do fall out, they’re still extremely important to take care of. The health of a child’s mouth with their temporary teeth impacts how the mouth will grow and change as they get older.

For seniors, many in this age group experience tooth loss. Our teeth get older and more brittle, with a lifetime of stress on them. They become weaker, leading to more problems with chips or cracks as well. We can help you get a more youthful smile, taking care of the wear and tear that occurs with age, as well as natural discoloration.

The Benefits of Family Dentistry

Particularly for children, family dentistry is crucial. Starting children with good oral health habits at a young age makes them more likely to continue them in the future. We work with patients and their parents to help with brushing and flossing techniques for children’s smiles. Visiting the dentist early also helps to avoid dental fear and anxiety, as they get used to the dentist early. Having their parent there for moral support can help as well.

Children’s teeth are also growing and changing so often. As with most problems, the earlier you detect a dental problem, the easier it is to treat. With regular dental visits, we can use x-rays and other diagnostic tools to see how a child’s mouth is changing as they age. We can take care of tooth decay early and refer a child to an orthodontist if we determine they have a bite problem.

Just because we age doesn’t mean that seniors don’t want a beautiful smile too. Teeth suffer from wear and tear over time, as well as our teeth slowly becoming discolored. At our office, we offer multiple solutions to take care of discolored and damaged teeth. If you suffer from tooth loss, we can provide you with dental implants or other tooth replacement solutions.

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