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Holiday Oral Health Tips

Though the holiday season doesn’t look the same as in past years, the holidays are still a busy time. This leaves a lot of room for you to get distracted when it comes to oral health. Dr. Jim Lassiter, a dentist in Milton, FL, provides some tips to make sure the holiday season doesn’t wreak havoc on your smile.general dentist in milton, florida

Keep Up With Your Routine

You may not be traveling for the holidays this year, but just being off of work for a while presents a change in routine. In between cooking a holiday meal and both wrapping and opening gifts, you probably aren’t thinking about brushing your teeth. But try to make sure you keep with the oral healthcare routine you usually have. Set an alarm on your phone for morning and evening to make sure you’re brushing your teeth at least twice a day.

Be Cautious With Sweets

Holiday cookies and candies are some of the highlights of the season. But you know that a lot of sugar can contribute to tooth decay and other oral health problems. Try to keep the sweets to a minimum, and always rinse your mouth with a drink of water afterward. Stay away from sticky treats like caramel or things like hard candy. The impacts of those are greater than something that’s easy to eat and doesn’t linger.

Use a Nutcracker

There’s a reason why nutcrackers are a symbol of the holiday season. Nuts are a snack a lot of people put out while they’re waiting for the meal to cook. It’s easy to sit around and crack open a healthy snack while you’re talking and catching up. With family, though, it’s easy to turn things into a silly competition, like who can crack the most nuts with your teeth. But one wrong move and you’re headed to our office for emergency dentistry.

Open Packages With Tools

Dental emergencies can come about when you’re opening presents too. If the kids get something exciting, they’re going to want to open and play with it right away. It’s tempting to just rip open the plastic packaging with your teeth. This should definitely be avoided. Packages are often stronger than we realize. Make sure you keep scissors or other tools on hand to get things open.

Drink Lots of Water

Soda, alcohol, and other sugary beverages are often popular for holiday meals. While indulging in a drink or two is fine, make sure you balance it out with plenty of water. Not only does it ensure you stay properly hydrated, but it also helps to rinse away sugars from your teeth. It also helps you to avoid dry mouth and other issues that caffeine and alcohol can cause.

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