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Don’t Skip Your Dentist Appointment

During a global pandemic, it can be difficult to keep up with regular medical appointments. Your six-month dental check-up may have fallen to the wayside during the crisis. However, your routine dentist appointment is more important than you may have guessed. Dr. Jim Lassiter, a dentist in Milton, FL, explains why your regular dental appointment should not be skipped.dentist milton fl

Crucial cleaning

During your regular dental appointments, your dentist will thoroughly clean your teeth. Throughout your day, bacteria cause a film of plaque to develop over your tooth enamel. Regular brushing and flossing can remove plaque, but plaque can harden into tartar where traditional brushing does not reach. Your dentist can clean plaque and tartar from these difficult places, including between teeth and at the gum line. If left untreated, plaque can cause tooth decay and gum disease, which can lead to costly dental work down the road. To avoid this, you should visit your dentist regularly.

Preventative care

With regular dental visits, your dentist can ensure your mouth stays healthy with preventative treatment. Your dentist can do an X-ray of your mouth to keep an eye on the alignment of your teeth and jaw. They will also be able to see if wisdom teeth are growing and intervene if they are disrupting your other teeth. Your dentist can also give you fluoride treatment during your regular appointment. This will strengthen your enamel and allow it to better fight tooth decay.

Early dental treatment

Your dentist will examine your teeth and gums during your routine dental appointment. They can look for signs of tooth decay, such as cavities. Cavities need to be filled to avoid the further spread of decay through your teeth. Your dentist will also check your gums for signs of bleeding or inflammation, which can point to gum disease. Untreated gum disease can lead to gum recession, which can damage your teeth. By having your oral health evaluated at regular intervals, you can treat potential problems early before they become a dental emergency. These dental appointments should be scheduled every six months.

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