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Choose Teeth Whitening at Your Dentist’s Office

If you notice staining or yellowing in your teeth, you may seek treatments to whiten your smile. You may have seen kits promising to whiten your teeth at your local store.

You can experience the best whitening results with cosmetic treatment from a dental professional. Dr. Jim Lassiter, a dentist in Jay, FL, describes the benefits of whitening your teeth with your dentist rather than store-bought materials.

whiten your teeth at the dentist in Jay Florida

Whitening with a Dental Professional

Cosmetic treatment from your dentist begins with a consultation, where they will evaluate your dental health as well as your aesthetic goals. They can determine a personalized treatment plan to brighten your unique smile.

Your dentist can provide in-office whitening treatment in which they apply a whitening gel to your teeth and use concentrated light to activate the bleaching agent. Under professional supervision, you can be sure your gums will receive protection from irritation and potential side effects, like tooth sensitivity, will be minimized.

You will notice immediate cosmetic enhancement after this treatment as well as take-home supplies to ensure these results will be long-lasting. With proper maintenance, these effects can last between six months to three years.

Store-Bought Whitening Kits

A store-bought whitening kit may seem convenient because you can purchase and use the materials at your leisure without scheduling an appointment with a dentist. However, this kit cannot offer a customized treatment plan or added protection from harsh side effects.

If you are looking for convenience, your dentist can provide you with a take-home professional treatment. This includes a whitening tray designed for your unique smile and evenly dispersed gel within these trays.

Over several weeks, you can use these customized trays to reach your ideal tooth color in your own home. With professional materials, you can brighten your smile safely, efficiently, and effectively. You can also continue to check in with your dentist about your cosmetic treatment and ask about touch-up availability if you notice the effects begin to fade.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Jay, FL

Dr. Lassiter offers professional teeth whitening and other cosmetic dental treatments to patients in Jay, FL. Our practice also specializes in restorative and general dentistry for patients of all ages. To request an appointment with our team, contact us online or reach our office by phone at 850.427.5891.