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Why Test Tooth Pulp Vitality?

Have you been experiencing pain or discoloration in one or more of your teeth? You might be suffering from a restriction of blood flow to the pulp of your tooth. Many people refer to this as a dead tooth.

While the issue itself does not require emergency dental treatment, it could put a patient at risk of developing serious dental problems. Therefore, if your dentist suspects you may have non-vital tooth pulp, they will want to conduct testing to diagnose the condition. Dr. Jim Lassiter, a dentist practicing in Milton, FL, provides further details about tooth vitality testing and what its results might mean for your oral health.

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Why Do I Need a Tooth Pulp Vitality Test?

Though non-vital tooth pulp does not always signify a dental emergency, this dental condition can raise an individual’s risk of contracting an infection in their pulp. This issue would require extensive dental work. So dental professionals want to monitor potential oral health risks like these when they arise.

Patients sometimes notice tooth pain or discoloration if they have non-vital tooth pulp, but some individuals do not experience any symptoms. A dentist can spot this issue on an x-ray taken during a routine exam. They will recommend tooth pulp vitality testing to confirm a diagnosis.

What Occurs During This Dental Testing?

You will likely need to return to your dentist for a separate appointment to complete this testing so that the dentist can ensure all required materials are on hand. Dental professionals commonly utilize thermal testing to evaluate the health of tooth pulp.

In this procedure, the dentist presses a cold stimulus to the affected tooth and several surrounding areas of the mouth. They will check the speed as well as the intensity of the patient’s reaction to this stimulus. A slower reaction or less sensation in the tooth could signify non-vital pulp.

Will I Need Further Dental Treatment After This Test?

If a dentist determines that a patient has non-vital tooth pulp but finds no other dental issues, the patient may not necessarily require further dental work. However, a dentist will keep an eye on the tooth to make sure its health does not deteriorate. Some patients may request cosmetic dental solutions to amend discoloration that may occur with this issue.

If the patient feels pain or the pulp is infected, a dentist will intervene with emergency dental treatment. This will likely involve root canal therapy, in which a dentist cleans out the infection and removes the damaged tooth pulp. The dentist completes this treatment by covering the vulnerable tooth with a dental crown to shield the tooth from further harm.

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