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Treat Aesthetic Problems After Gum Disease

A bacterial infection in your gum tissue can lead to periodontal disease, a condition that deteriorates the health of the gums, tooth roots, and jawbone. This disease is common, affecting about half of all American adults. However, many people may not realize that this infection can cause significant and irreversible damage to your smile.

Gum disease requires intervention from your dentist to eradicate, but they can get rid of this problem. But gum disease can leave behind issues in the appearance of your smile that will need further treatment. Read on to discover three cosmetic problems that gum disease can cause in your smile and how your dentist can resolve them.

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Get Rid of Puffy Gums

An infection in your gum tissue can lead to visible symptoms like swelling, bleeding, and soreness in the gums. Not only can these issues feel uncomfortable, but you might feel self-conscious about the way this disease impacts the look of your gums.

Red and puffy gums can detract from the appearance of your smile. Fortunately, your dentist can help you resolve this concern when they treat gum disease with periodontal therapy.

Dentists can get rid of excess bacteria and plaque from your smile, eradicating an oral infection, with scaling and root planing. This extensive cleaning method scrapes away residues, allowing gums to recover. Within a week or two after this treatment, you will see swelling and redness reduced in your gum tissue.

Realign Crooked Teeth

The swelling of your gums when you have gum disease can impact the appearance of your teeth too. This dental damage may cause your teeth to shift their positions in your smile, leaving them crooked or creating gaps between them.

You may notice partial spaces between your teeth that show when you smile. Dentists refer to this aesthetic concern as black triangles. These issues will remain after your dentist gets rid of the infection in the gums.

Your dentist can use cosmetic dental solutions to amend spacing problems with your smile. They can fill small spaces between teeth with resin during teeth bonding treatment.

You can also gradually straighten crooked teeth by wearing personalized aligners called Invisalign. Your dentist can find the optimal treatment to help you reach your smile aesthetic goals when you schedule a cosmetic consultation.

Replace Missing Teeth

Advanced gum disease may eat away at the tooth root and jawbone. This type of damage can cause the tooth to fall out of its socket. Dental damage like this cannot be reversed.

You may be unhappy with gaps left in your smile from missing teeth and notice a decline in oral function. But tooth loss can put your smile at risk of further oral health complications. Missing teeth may mean that your jawbone will deteriorate, leading to the appearance of facial sagging and the shifting of remaining teeth.

You can find a permanent replacement for these missing teeth with dental implants. The anchor gets surgically placed into the jaw, fusing to the bone there. This preserves the jawbone and supports prosthetic teeth that can restore the look and abilities of your smile.