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Questions About Invisalign in Milton, FL

Invisalign is a modern orthodontic treatment for teens and adults that uses clear trays to straighten teeth over time. Patients with mild to moderately crooked teeth benefit from Invisalign treatment. Invisalign uses clear, discreet aligners to shift teeth into a straighter position gradually. Here, we will review some of our patients’ most common questions about their Invisalign treatment in our Milton, FL, office.

Questions About Invisalign in Milton, FL

FAQs: Invisalign and Cosmetic Dentistry in Milton, FL

In addition to questions about cost, patients may also wonder:

What do you do with Invisalign when you eat?

Remove your Invisalign aligners before you eat. You can potentially stain or damage your aligners if you eat with your aligners on your teeth, and you will be unable to eat comfortably with the aligners on. To keep track of your aligners, you can keep them in their cases while you eat and drink.

Will Invisalign fix gaps between teeth?

Yes, Invisalign can fix tooth gaps. However, patients with larger tooth gaps may require more extensive care. We may recommend veneers, bonding, or traditional braces if gaps are too severe.

How long should you wear Invisalign each day?

We recommend wearing Invisalign aligners 20 to 22 hours a day. Wearing the aligners for most of the day allows the Invisalign trays to shift and move the teeth effectively. Patients who do not wear their aligners for enough hours per day may have longer treatment times.

How much does Invisalign cost?

Patients often pay over $2,000 for Invisalign, which can vary depending on their coverage and other factors. The cost of Invisalign treatment will vary based on how many aligners you need and the extent of your orthodontic care. Our office works with patients to help finance their care and make treatment affordable.

Can Invisalign make your gums bleed?

As your teeth move with your aligners, gum tissue will also move, which may lead to discomfort or minor bleeding. Using a soft-bristled brush when cleaning your teeth and gums, gently cleaning your aligners, and even switching to a soft diet for several days can help address this problem.

How quickly do teeth move with Invisalign?

Each time you switch out your aligners for a new pair, your teeth will shift, on average, 0.25 mm. You need to replace your aligners about every two weeks for a new pair as you experience the biggest shift during that time period. However, you may notice your teeth moving more slowly if you require a lengthier treatment time due to more moderate orthodontic issues.

Are you interested in cosmetic treatment with Invisalign? Call Milton, FL, dentist Dr. Jim Lassiter for a consultation today at 850.427.5891. You may also schedule a dental appointment online. If you have any questions or concerns about Invisalign, let us know at your next visit to our office, and we will help!