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Family Dentistry Jay, FL

Dr. Jim Lassiter is a dentist in Jay, Florida that offers family dentistry to patients of all ages. We welcome young patients to our office and provide age-appropriate dental care and oral hygiene advice so that growing smiles can develop healthy oral habits. Our office also offers the convenience of enabling all members of your family to receive the dental care they need under one roof.

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During your child’s first visit, Dr. Lassiter  will:

  • Examine their teeth and gums
  • Address habits like thumb sucking
  • Teach your child about cleaning their teeth and gums
  • Help you schedule regular dental visits for your child

Dr. Lassiter may clean your child’s teeth and gums or take x-rays of teeth to track their progress. Before their first visit, you can review what the visit will be like with them and read books about the dentist. Preparing your child for the dentist can make visits more enjoyable for them and can encourage healthy dental habits.

Pediatric Root Canals

The purpose of a pediatric root canal is to preserve a natural tooth. A root canal is needed when the pulp inside of a tooth becomes infected. The pulp is made up of the nerves and soft tissue inside the root canal, or middle of the tooth. Decaying teeth can cause an infection that may spread. Our dentists will carefully remove the infection and clean the affected tooth.

Pediatric Dental Care FAQs

How important are primary teeth?

Primary or “baby” teeth help children speak, chew, and also help to form a path for permanent future teeth. Primary teeth need to be taken care of because cavities and infection can lead to possible dental concerns and other health problems.

How do you care for primary teeth?

As soon as your child’s first tooth shows, they can be cleaned with a wet washcloth or wet gauze. If a toothbrush is used, it should be an infant toothbrush so that it is the correct size for your child.

Can primary teeth be prone to tooth decay?

The upper front teeth or the upper primary molars found furthest back in the mouth are the most prone to decay. These primary teeth should also be flossed to clean between them.

When should I start using toothpaste on my child’s teeth?

Even before teeth come in, you should use an infant toothbrush or wet washcloth to clean your child’s gums. When teeth do come in, you should use a small amount of toothpaste to brush your child’s teeth twice a day.

Geriatric Care

Our dentists provide personalized treatment for patients of every age. Restorative and cosmetic solutions are custom-fit for comfort, and each patient’s health is taken into account before treatment. As you age, you may experience age-related dental issues, and it is important to receive the appropriate treatment before more problems arise.

We can assess your smile and provide an examination to determine the best solution for your dental needs. Patients who are dealing with tooth loss can replace missing teeth with dental implants, dental bridges, or dentures. Worn or yellowed teeth can be treated with teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, dental crowns, or tooth bonding. Our professionals can provide treatment for every dental need.

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