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Jay FL Dentist Payment & Dental Insurance

Payment Options

Our office accepts these methods of payment:

  1. MasterCard, Discover or Visa, credit or debit.
  2. Care Credit: This method allows you to start treatment today and spread payments over time. Care Credit offers 18 months no interest for services over $200. You can apply on Care Credit’s website or in-person at our dental office.
  3. Dental Insurance: Our office will file your insurance claim. It takes 4 to 6 weeks to receive payment from them. You will be responsible for the amount your insurance does not pay.


Our office uses electronic claims processing so that we can send dental claims to insurance companies quickly and easily. We can submit information more efficiently and with fewer errors. The turn-around time on these claims is faster. In addition to this, fewer claims are returned or denied.

We can contact your insurance company to determine your benefits. We can calculate your benefit and determine the portion that is your responsibility, which might include your yearly deductible, co-pay and uncovered services. You are responsible for your share on the day of treatment. We will bill your insurance for the balance. Remember this is only an estimate. After we receive payment from your insurance, there might be an unpaid difference, which is your responsibility.

For major dental procedures, please send a written predetermination to your insurance company. This can take 2 to 6 weeks for them to process and return to us. We will contact you to schedule an appointment, and at that time you can make financial arrangements for the balance of uncovered services.