Is Gum Disease Serious? And How Can You Prevent It?

The short answer is yes; gum disease or periodontal problems can be serious. In the early stages, gum inflammation is known as gingivitis, typically characterized by tender, red gums that might occasionally bleed when you brush your teeth.

If you experience these symptoms, you must immediately schedule an appointment with your dental professional. The caring professionals at Lassiter Smiles in Jay, FL, treat the underlying infection and stop the progression of periodontal disease,

What Causes Gum Inflammation?

Periodontal disease is commonly caused by bacteria in the mouth. It can cause bad breath, pain while chewing, sores in the mouth, or loose and sensitive teeth. In advanced stages, gum tissue pulls away from the teeth, resulting in pockets between teeth and gums, and bone loss is not uncommon.

Periodontitis is considered the leading cause of tooth loss for adults worldwide.

What to Watch For

Although sore gums in children may signal new teeth’ arrival, it is always important to have a professional check for other problems. Children and adults with tender gums can use soft-bristled toothbrushes to ease discomfort but continued tenderness, and a professional should always assess pain.

Sore gums may be attributed to the buildup of plaque and tartar on teeth, and some tenderness can be linked to smoking or the use of certain medications.

However, gum soreness may also be a warning sign of other medical conditions, including diabetes, oral cancer, or bodily inflammation associated with stroke or cardiovascular disease.

How to Deal With Sore Gums

Dr. Lassiter’s practice is known for its calming examination rooms and compassionate emphasis on personalized care.

Proper oral care, including brushing, flossing, using mouthwash, and regular dental checkups, is the best way to prevent gum inflammation and periodontal problems.

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