Halitosis and the Root Causes: A Closer Look

While people seek a general dentist in Jay, FL for many oral health issues, problems with halitosis (bad breath) are a common concern. While many people have suspicions about what is causing bad breath, many are also surprised to learn the root causes from their dentist. It can be far more complex than poor oral hygiene or irregular visits for teeth cleaning. Find out more about the common underlying causes of halitosis below.

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is one of the most common causes of bad breath, and it can be related to everything from the foods you eat to your water intake habits or medications. If the dentist pinpoints dry mouth as a reason for your experience with halitosis, try to up your water intake, check the side effects of medications, and consider how much sodium you are consuming.


Smoking in itself can change the smell of your breath, and tobacco smoke does not have a pleasant odor. However, smokers are also more likely to experience dry mouth, gum disease, and even heightened bacteria levels in their mouths due to elevated temperatures.

Throat Conditions

Certain throat conditions can contribute to halitosis or even be the primary cause. For example, individuals who have ongoing issues with tonsillitis or tonsil stones often struggle with bad breath due to trapped bacteria and inflammation in the throat.

Discuss Halitosis with a Dentist in Jay, FL

If you’ve been noticing more issues with bad breath than usual, a visit to a dentist in Jay may be warranted. The dentist can help you make sure your oral hygiene habits are on-point but also offer guidance about other issues to blame. Reach out to the office of Jim D. Lassiter DMD to schedule an appointment.

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