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The Latest Treatments for Periodontal Disease

When it comes to periodontal disease in Jay, FL, the fight is ongoing. Yet there’s never been a more powerful backup than there is today. Modern dentistry has armed us with cutting-edge ways to launch our attack past the “just good enough” and onto an entirely new level of care. Here are some ways we’re redefining the war on periodontal disease.

Gum Graft Surgery

When your gums recede, you may feel like you’re losing the battle. Gum graft surgery could restore hope. This procedure removes tissue from one area of the mouth and grafts it to the receding areas. Not only does it halt periodontal disease in its tracks, but it also saves your teeth.

Antibiotic Treatments

The enemy often lies deep within the pockets around your teeth. Antibiotics can locate and destroy pathogenic bacteria that have infected these pockets, making full recovery impossible. These might come in a pill form or added directly to the infected tissues. Your dentist in Jay, FL, can prescribe these antibiotics to you.

Regenerative Procedures

What if bone and tissue loss around your teeth was so extreme that you had just one chance in months to save your gums? You’d go for it. Regenerative procedures take that shot. This is when we restore tissues and bones that anchor our teeth. This gives gums a better open field to heal and regenerate.

Laser Therapy

What if one procedure could remove diseased tissues, disinfect your pockets, and stimulate healthy tissue growth? It can. Lasers offer a precise, noninvasive means of waging war on periodontal disease.

Enzyme Suppressants

Certain enzymes actively help with periodontal disease. They destroy your gums. They help periodontal disease spike in intensity. Now researchers are working on ways to halt them. If they succeed, the fortifications around your teeth that are vital for their protection could stand taller, and longer.

Oral Probiotics

Probiotics today can control bloating and improve your digestive system’s balance. Some oral probiotics are showing great promise in reducing inflammation and severity of periodontal disease.

Need a Jay, FL Dentist?

Periodontal disease is a formidable adversary. But we won’t let you battle it alone. We’re here for you. Call Jim Lassiter, DMD, today. Our office uses modern tools and treatments with our dental expertise to help you treat your periodontal disease. Don’t give periodontal disease control over your life. Contact us today, and we’ll take control of it together.

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