What Is the Difference Between Same-Day Crowns and Traditional Crowns?

What sets apart same-day crowns from traditional crowns? Well, a lot of things, really. Your dentist in Jay, FL, will review both options with you. But here is a quick overview of the differences.

The Procedural Time Difference

As you might have guessed, there is a procedural and time difference between the two crown options. Same-day crowns are, just as the name suggests, designed, crafted, and placed within a single dental visit. Thus, the name “Same-Day Crowns.”

The process for same-day crowns is made possible due to the use of advanced technology called CAD/CAM. This technology is truly amazing! It can design your new crown and mill it right there in the dentist’s office.

Unfortunately, traditional crowns don’t work like that. They require two office visits — one for the tooth preparation and impression. And another office visit for placing the crown after it has been fabricated in a dental lab and then sent to your dentist.

The Durability of the Materials Used

Same-day crowns in Jay, FL, are crafted from quality materials that provide a meticulous balance between strength and aesthetics. Your dentist will talk with you about which crown material you prefer. There is metal, porcelain fused to metal, all ceramic, or all resin. Each option has its strong points.

People love same-day crowns because they are convenient and they look good too. However, traditional crowns are generally considered to be stronger and more versatile.

The Price You Pay for Convenience

As you might guess, same-day crowns are a bit more expensive than traditional ones because of the high-tech equipment used. However, not having to go to the dental office twice might ultimately save you money. You also have the added convenience of not having to wear a temporary crown. Some people might call that priceless!

Do You Need a Dentist in Jay, FL?

When it comes to choosing between same-day crowns and traditional crowns, your dentist can help. Contact Jim D. Lassiter, DMD today. Together we can explore your options and get you back on the road to a healthy smile.

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