3 Reasons to Choose a Family Dentist

If you’re in the process of choosing adentist in Jay, FL, it’s important to consider a family dentist practice. Family dental practices have many benefits that can make going to the dentist a more rewarding and convenient experience.

At Jim D. Lassister DMD, we’re a family dental practice that offers a range of services and convenient dental care to all our patients. Below, we’ve listed three reasons to choose a family dentist as your next dental provider. Here’s what to consider.

1. Your family dentist can stay with you throughout your dental health journey.

Family dentists are trained and experienced at treating patients of all ages, from young children to seniors. This is what allows family dentists to treat family groups.

This means that when you start going to a family dentist, no matter what your age, you know that you’ll be able to stay with that dentist for as long as you want. You won’t have to switch dentists when you age out of their patient population.

2. Family dentists offer a range of dental health services.

Family dentists are a one-stop shop for dental care services, including cavity fillings, implant installation, crown installation, teeth whitening, and more. It’s better to visit a dentist who can meet all your dental needs rather than having to go to a new dental provider when you need specialized services.

3. Taking the whole family to one dentist is convenient. 

Driving the kids to the dentist or accompanying your aging parents to the dentist is easier if you’re familiar with the dental office. When you use a family dentist for your whole family group, you can rest assured that you’ll know where to go when it’s time to take someone to the dental office.

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