Where Care and Compassion Meet Dental Expertise

Dr. Jim Lassiter of Lassiter Smiles goes a giant step beyond competence in dental procedures to serve his clients with care and compassion, often willingly taking a patient with an emergency need on short notice. Dr. Spencer Taylor now works alongside Dr. Lassiter in the technology-rich Jay, Florida, dental clinic.

Service Above All

It is this attitude of service from Dr. Lassiter and his team that distinguishes the practice and continues to attract new clients. Because Lassiter Smiles prioritizes regular examinations and preventive care, family members are more likely to retain their natural teeth throughout their lifetimes. Regular examinations and dental cleanings, filling cavities as necessary, and recommending ways to keep gums healthy form the basis of care.

However, if restorative or cosmetic procedures are warranted to improve oral health or improve a smile, a patient can be assured that the team at Lassiter Smiles will recommend the most appropriate options, including straightening, whitening, crowns, or implants. Today’s computer technology today has even made the possibility of same-day crown replacement a reality, eliminating the need for a temporary crown and a return visit to the dental chair.

In addition, Dr. Lassiter routinely screens for potential gum disease and oral cancer.

Call Now for an Appointment

If you’re new to the Jay, FL, area, you can rest assured that you and your family will receive the best possible and most comprehensive care available. Contact us now to schedule an appointment. If you’re an established patient of Lassiter Smiles, we’ll look forward to seeing you at your next scheduled checkup.

Whatever your dental needs might be, we invite you to schedule a consultation so that we may discuss your options for healthy teeth, a bright smile, and lasting oral health.

Remember, we are here to serve your entire family’s dental needs, now and in the future.

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